What is the Future Society Reading Group?

In the past few years there has been an increasing degree of interest in alternatives to society as it presently exists. There is a growing desire not only to critique the contemporary world, but also to ‘dream forwards’ and imagine radically changed worlds. If recent decades were defined by the Thatcherite phrase of ‘There Is No Alternative’, perhaps now it is possible to think of an ‘alternative.’ But what does this ‘alternative’ look like? The Future Societies Reading Group aims to study a number of thinkers who have proposed radically different future societies, and consider ways in which such ideas can be brought into actuality. We hope to consider some of the following issues in the coming months:

Accelerationism: Technology and the end of capitalism

Black utopias (from Grigg’s Imperium in Imperio to Gilroy’s Against Race)

Feminist utopias and post-gender worlds (from Firestone to Haraway and beyond)

Queer futurity

The concept of utopia (Ernst Bloch)

Radical design and utopian cities

Strategic utopia? The role of ideas of radical futures in political movements

The ‘wrong’ future and the dangers of ‘reactionary modernism’

New Materialisms

Post-colonial and Third World futures

…suggestions for reading are always welcome!