Future Society Reading Group – First Session: Accelerationism

March 2016

This month we are reading Alex Williams and Nick Srnicek’s ‘Accelerationist Manifesto’. The manifesto is available here (http://criticallegalthinking.com/2013/05/14/accelerate-manifesto-for-an-accelerationist-politics/). For those interested, there is also a good interview with Williams and Srnicek, in which they discuss some the ideas included in their book, Inventing the Future, here (http://novaramedia.com/2015/10/inventing-the-future/).

“The future needs to be constructed. It has been demolished by neoliberal capitalism and reduced to a cut-price promise of greater inequality, conflict, and chaos. This collapse in the idea of the future is symptomatic of the regressive historical status of our age, rather than, as cynics across the political spectrum would have us believe, a sign of sceptical maturity. What accelerationism pushes towards is a future that is more modern – an alternative modernity that neoliberalism is inherently unable to generate. The future must be cracked open once again, unfastening our horizons towards the universal possibilities of the Outside” – The Accelerationist Manifesto

Since its release in 2013, the Accelerationist Manifesto has been the subject of lively debate on the left. The Manifesto raises important questions regarding our ability to imagine alternative futures, our willingness to embrace new technologies and our forms of political organisation. We hope to discuss some of these issues on 10th March, as well as some of the limitations of the Manifesto.

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